“I think in the last couple of years of growing my business, I felt like I was stagnant, like I was growing but not having the presence that I knew I could have. After having 16 years in this business I knew that I needed a stronger visual position. When I kept uploading my blog posts for the week, I cringed every time I saw my website. The website didn’t represent my maturity as a woman it didn’t represent the maturity of my business and as a coach so every time I would go to that site I didn’t feel connected to it.

I put off launching a website or rebranding because it’s just so much work to do, but you made this so much easier like I wish I hadn’t waited so long. The results of my brand reveal and website launch have been incredible. When I posted that the site was live, the feedback from my customers and followers were that they were so impressed. One of my favorite comments was that it looks all grown up! The level of maturity that I was looking for is there now on the site.

In terms of actual tangible results, within the first two hours I converted a new coaching client. Then, within four hours I had two speaking engagements and it had been six months since my last speaking engagement. They saw the website and were compelled to actually pickup the phone and make a call not just send me an email but they actually physically called me which is very rare nowadays. They were eager to speak with me and eager to book those two dates and to get me to come in and speak to their organization.

If you’re struggling to make an impact, to have the presence to really feel that you’re putting your best self out there, that you feel best represents your offering, who you are, and what you bring to the world, then Swanked Creative can do that for you. They’ve done it for me and in a way that felt effortless to be honest. I have worked with web designers in the past and didn’t feel this stress free. The process was smooth from start to finish. If you’re looking to get it done and have it done really, really well then Felicia and Swanked Creative can help you do that.”