Brand Vibe Audit




Are you sick of pouring your heart and soul into quality content that you know is changing people’s lives without getting the visibility and traction you feel you deserve?


Are you confused when you see other content that is obviously less thought out (and sometimes even dead wrong) getting the visibility and social shares that you crave?


If this is you, here’s something you need to know.


Your content is amazing!
You are making a difference!
However, it could be that your brand vibe is holding you back.


Your brand vibe is a combination of your purpose, your personality, and your presentation. Your vibe says a lot about you and what you have you to offer. It can attract people to you but also completely turn someone off. More than likely you are focusing too much on one and not the other, but they all work together to create an irresistible brand vibe that attracts more of your dream clients.


Here’s what you need to know.

We (humans) are interesting creatures and social media only magnifies our nature. We tend to share and promote things that make us look good and that’s not always about accuracy or quality.


In short, we share things that are pretty!


While you may have been taught not to judge a book by its cover, that’s exactly what everyone else is doing and that’s what is holding you back.


I created the Brand Vibe Audit to give you the opportunity to take a deep dive into your own business. With my expertise and well-trained design eye, you will walk away with a clear understanding of how to create an irresistible brand vibe.


The Brand Vibe Audit will evaluate:

– Your Website (Home Page, About Page, Services)
– Your Social Media (Choose up to 3 social media platforms)
– Your Content (Choose either your 3 recent blog posts or 3 recent email broadcasts)


How the Brand Vibe Audit Works:

  1. After purchasing your audit, you will receive a Brand Vibe Questionnaire within 24 hours of payment processing. This is a thought-provoking exercise, l use to uncover your personality and goals for your brand.
  2. Once I have received your completed questionnaire, you will receive a Recorded Video Walkthrough of your website, top 3 social media platforms, and content addressing specific challenges and strategies to improve your brand vibe.
  3. As a bonus, you will also receive 3 Action Steps to implement right away. You will never look at branding the same way again. You will have a new perspective and will be supported by tools that help you understand how to create an irresistible brand vibe. 


Ready to Create An Irresistible Brand Vibe?