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Featured Clients

"I was blown away at how organized everything was and a lot of this stuff was new to me, and Felicia took the time to explain this is the way we do things. My family has watched me just sit here, being very giddy and just laughing…they’ve seen me get up and dance, get up and cry, like “you guys have to see this” and I’m crying and laughing and my son is like “are you okay?” And I’m all “She gets meeee! She gets me!I would say to anyone interested in working with Swanked Creative… You will be wowed! She will put it together in a way that makes it stress-free and she will be able to tap into what it is that you want, what message that you want to share and just make it come to life. Like she will handle all of that and then some!”

Holly Joi Rigsby

Lifestyle Design Coach, FitYummyMummy™

"If you’re struggling to make an impact, to have the presence to really feel that you’re putting your best self out there, that you feel best represents your offering, who you are, and what you bring to the world, then Swanked Creative can do that for you. They’ve done it for me and in a way that felt effortless, to be honest. I have worked with web designers in the past and didn’t feel this stress-free. The process was smooth from start to finish. If you’re looking to get it done and have it done really, really well then Felicia and Swanked Creative can help you do that."

Courtney Rowsell

Cookbook Author, Creator of Love Yourself Lean Movement

"I can describe working with Felicia with one word- RELIEVED! Taking on a total overhaul of your brand can be overwhelming and scary. There are so many parts to consider and most of all you really want everything about the brand to speak to who you are and how you serve. I was immediately set at ease by Felicia’s style of communication, professionalism, responsiveness, and confidence in her ability to execute what I wanted."

Concita Thomas

Food & Fitness StrategistLean Movement

"Before hiring Swanked Creative, my brand was a hot mess! It had changed since I started my business and I could not keep up with the demands of the design. I realized I needed to make a change when I no longer identified with the face of my biz. What I was putting up and who I was…was not cohesive. Allowing Swanked Creative to brand your biz is a must! It’s a no brainer! The Brand Makeover was worth every penny because the face of your biz is very important so it needs to be high quality."

Shira Nelson

Founder of MomBeyondBaby™